We Deliver Worldwide!
Advanced Technologies

We use advanced technologies to streamline the building design & manufacturing process.

Mechanical Engineering

We customize every building to tailor suit your needs. designed to meet all local & national codes.

Green Technologies

Steel is both 100% recyclable and more efficient than other building materials.


Why choose Polar Steel?

Better pricing, build quality and customer service than any of our competitors.

Flexible Solutions

We can build to your needs and budget, no matter how big or small

Fast Build

Fast delivery time – usually 4-7 weeks

Long Lasting

No matter the climate our steel buildings will outlast a traditional building

High performance

No maintenance required, a win-win

Key Features

Learn more about the ways in which our innovation is helping evolve expectations for businesses and manufacturers alike.


Energy literally flies out the window— and doors, and seams, and roofs— of poorly fitting commercial buildings


Our buildings are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient


We can expand your building or contract it depending on your changing needs

Engineer Stamped

Stamped plans for a steel building are your assurance your structure is safe and it will last

Our partners

2019 Numbers

Last year was truly an incredible year for us, and we’re looking to add to the growth and build new opportunities with our clients.

  • Over 3 million Tons of Steel
  • 11% Market share increase
  • 82 New clients joined
  • Over 4 million Square footage of space built
Buildings Erected
Projects completed