Are Steel Buildings better for the environment?

Ever since the 1970’s humans pay more attention to OUR Earth and the environmental impacts, green buildings are expanding and the steel industry is reducing carbon emissions, water and energy. Not only do steel buildings help to reduce environmental impacts but they also help create a comfortable ambiance. A cozy and healthy environment, why not?

Let’s be honest to build with steel instead of wood has a huge advantage in sustainability and did you know steel is 100% recyclable. The investment in steel is not wasted and can be capitalized in the future, once steel is made it can be re-purposed.  What is the lifespan for wood? Once it is torn, wood cannot be reused.

A metal building provides various opportunities to save energy and create a comfortable area:

  • Cool roofs – helps reduce the heat.
  • Solar panels – perfectly made for mounting solar panels to convert into electricity.
  • Pitched roofs, gutters and downspouts – a pitched roof and installing gutters and downspouts can increase the capture of rainwater.
  • Insulation – reduce the load on the heating and air conditioning system.
  • Weather-tight doors and windows – helps remove moisture that could damage the steel panels and frame.

Building with steel has no waste, the frame and panels arrive ready to assemble. No need for cutting, drilling, or punching is required at the job site, helps decrease scrap and waste in the landfill.