Clearance Metal Buildings For Sale

Hello again from Polar Steel Buildings. We want to touch base again on the topic of “clearance metal buildings for sale” and what it actually is and what does it actually mean? For starters let get something clear here. A clearance building at Polar Steel is a building that was purchased by an individual or a corporation that for whatever reason could not take possession of the building. Some of the reasons that they could not take possession of the metal building varies. Some decided to go with a larger steel building while others simply lost touch with us and we had no choice but to put the building on our “clearance metal buildings for sale” list. We normally give those folks 3 months to get in touch with us before putting the building on the “clearance metal buildings for sale”. These building are not 100% complete and are not sitting in our factory ready to ship. There is still lots of work to be done on these buildings and typical turnaround time to complete the work can be as quick as 4 weeks and as long as 8 weeks depending on your modification that you make to the building ( assuming modifications are available, all clearance buildings are different). The best thing to do in any case with the pre-engineered metal buildings is to pick up the phone and call one of our knowledgeable Building Consultants, to go over the details of the clearance buildings. The Building Consultants can be reached Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm eastern time at 1-877-598-3289. To find a list on our website of our current list of “clearance metal buildings for sale” please click on this link.

What do I get with a “Clearance Metal Building for Sale”?

Well that is a great question. Our Clearance buildings include everything that you need to put the building up minus the concrete foundation or piers and anchor bolts. The base materials included in the building kits include, framed openings, a 40 year warranty on roof and walls, walk doors on some, roll up doors on others, but most importantly these metal buildings are going to be 100% manufactured in the USA. You will receive all the necessary purlin and girts, all the sheeting for the roof and walls, mainframes and secondary members, we will include all the necessary hardware nuts and bolts. All of our buildings come with stainless steel fasteners that carry a lifetime warranty. The steel buildings also has a full set of premium trims and in some cases gutters and downs are included. Many more extras are included please call a Building Consultant for more details at 1-877-598-3289.

Ask Questions about Your Clearance Building.

These metal buildings are priced to sell quickly. The metal building in our “clearance metal buildings for sale” were designed for a specific location and specific building codes, these buildings may not necessarily work in your are this why you have to call to clarify. Things to ask on the phone call with your Building Consultants are snow loads if you have snow in your area, wind loads, design code, and I would also ask what the original purpose of the building was for. For example if you were looking for a garage kit, it may come with enough height to put a car lift in the building. Asking the right questions can help you make the best decision for yourself when buying a metal building.

Call Us

In conclusion whether you are looking for a clearance price, a steel building special, make sure you do your homework, ask the right questions and pick up the phone and call us. The best advice /i can give you is that when you are planning on making a great investment like a steel building, its best to go ahead and make the call, and speak to the company and get to know them. I know here at Polar Steel Buildings we are patient and we will help you make the best decision on your steel building investment.