When you think of Polar Steel Buildings, its red iron “I” beam steel gravitates to the idea of lifetime longevity steel and a warm welcome to your desire of building. Our company distributes consistent service and reliable steel. There are two barriers in a red iron “I” beam steel building whereas include layers of protection so it will not corrode with water and other acidic temperatures. With the first layer of red iron “I” beam steel, there is a strong foundation of iron oxide, solid nickel, and other alloys that prevents water rusting its exterior and interior steel composition. It also adds versatility and is able to adapt to any condition. There are benefits and additional factors that differentiate red iron “I” beam steel from others. Polar Steel Buildings steel is not combustible and not vulnerable towards rotting at all. Polar Steel Buildings is extraordinarily manufactured with unlimited width, length, and height- making your life easier. There are a wide variety of options, finishes, and modifications that can be chosen in your favor. Red “I” beam steel does not twist or turn during natural conditions, meaning, your investment on this building will not decline because of unpredictable circumstances. Our steel buildings are made to add in many floors whereas our red iron “I” beam steel sustains heavy weight. There are less materials involved when using red iron “I” beam steel because it does not need additional support to maintain a building, meaning, it is easier to assemble. When a building is erected and finished setting insulators, there is a 100% guaranteed energy efficiency causing less need to use cooling temperatures whereas you save more money in your pocket. Red “I” beam steel lasts within decades- 100’s of years, really. The cost of building varies per square foot- that is why you must call one of our building consultants so he/she can provide you correct information. We are sincere and straight-forward within our pricing. We do recommend you get in contact with erectors and contractors within your area, and we can certainly provide you additional service and guide you in the process. In terms of colors, we have a wide selection of colors that can match your preferences. We do also provide an accessory department whereas you pick and choose your accessories of liking. Polar Steel Buildings’ red iron steel holds itself properly and does not need extra interior columns at all. Our red iron steel provides openness structure and does not further complicate than that. Clear span framing is required for stability and flexibility. Clear span framing is perfect for storehouse, recreational buildings, garages, gymnasium, storage building, factories, and furthermore. There are several types of framing Polar Steel Buildings use and it asserts straight column, tapered column, and row modular span- it is up to your preference to decide the style you would typically go for. Polar Steel Buildings has existed within 20 years- we have had the pleasure of assisting projects and fulfilling new clients along our journey. We do have over 25 factories across the United States of America; we do have an office in Montreal, Canada. All Polar Steel Buildings red iron durable steel is manufactured in the United States of America.

We are straight-forward, straight to the point, and meet your demands and wishes when contacting Polar Steel Buildings. You do deserve to use our ultimate stainless tensile steel to project your creative art piece towards your essential long-term goals. You do not receive hidden fees with our company because we do provide the necessary information you must intake while in the process of qualifying your requirements in terms of building. Therefore, it is vital to make sure your expectations are met thoroughly. Polar Steel Buildings manufactures red-iron “I” beam steel that has the capacity of maintaining its structure because its superior strength and easy-maintenance. There is no hassle in maintaining Polar Steel Buildings’ red-iron steel because we provide cost-effective solutions. Red iron steel does not add very intense weight and does not degrade its value as well. When Polar Steel Buildings arrives at your site, it is built and sealed with our bolt-together kit whereas there is no unnecessary drilling that may cost your time. There are pre-welded clips for easy erection and as well as pre-cut and pre-drilled red iron-steel “I” beam foundation. We include additional roof purlins and wall girts. Our quality in Polar Steel Buildings is recyclable and can be used with other forms of construction work. We include are all-time 5 star rated red iron steel with steel fasteners that come along with bolt and put together a kit of ours. We include all necessary hardware, nuts, bolts, and self-drilling screws. We also do include our complete custom trim package for entire building. We provide you red iron steel that does not require additional work for figuring on matching red-iron structures together because we will have it organized in as a professional kit where the pieces are easier to assemble together.You have it all! There are heavy industrial rod bracing and closure strips included. There are additional brace closures for weather tightness. You do not have to worry about heavy storm, heavy wind, heavy snow, heavy hail- and many more natural occurrences with an environment. All our Polar Steel Buildings steel incorporates stamped certified engineered drawings and it is guaranteed to meet and exceed all county local codes. Polar Steel Buildings does vary your options in the sense that you can settle for small to large projects because there is no limit in building pieces of artwork. Our delivery to you is free and delivered to you as soon as you need the building on site. Us, as Polar Steel Buildings, we do update with you for more information in a significant matter towards delivery date. You must act now and call us at 877-598-3289. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If needed to speak with one of Polar Steel Buildings building consultants throughout the weekend, we provide personal contact information that will ensure you that you are a priority. You can always set up an appointment and further contact our consultants. We will grant savings into your account and act upon any additional requests you may have. Polar Steel Buildings is Faster, Safer, and Greener.