Fast Build time, no waste = savings

Steel buildings are coming up everywhere and in every corner of America, Canada and the rest of the world. With the way technology is advancing in the prefabricated steel industry, chances are you may look at a building and not even recognize it as a steel structure. Steel buildings are the way to go if you are looking to save a lot of money on construction and are looking to erect the steel building rather quickly.

Saving on Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are pre-engineered before they arrive to you on site. provides a turnkey steel building that is pre-punched, pre-drilled and when the steel building arrives it is a simple easy to build bolt together kit. This means you will have the steel building up and ready for occupancy in 1-30 days from the date it arrives to your site. When you compare that to traditional construction time you can see how the cost saving works here.

Construction Cost

Steel buildings by nature of being pre-engineered will certainly have a lower cost when compared to traditional construction and the main reason is the aforementioned bolt together kit construction that we use for our steel buildings. All the major parts of your steel building are pre cut, pre punched and we use automation robotics to achieve assembly of the steel structure. When the steel building is delivered on site, the building is an easy DIY steel building kit that just needs to be bolted together. The experience level needed to build the steel building kit is at a novice level in the construction field. You will save up to 70% of costs when compared to traditional construction.

Do it Yourself, Energy Savings, Insurance Cost and Maintenance

We recommend that any steel building that is 6500 square feet and below be purchased as a do it yourself. There is no need to hire labor or general contractors for these size of steel buildings. With these structures you will save even more money when erecting the steel building. provides all of our customers with energy saver panels and roof that will reflect up wit 80% of the sun rays and in effect giving you cost saving on cooling and heating your steel building. On top of the energy efficient materials that we use on all of our steel buildings, the way we assemble the building at our factory and the tight fit on all openings and precise fit on site leads to more energy savings. The steel building is designed using our heavy weather design which seals the steel building shut. This will help keep any warm air in when you heat your steel building and any cool air in the steel building when you cool the building  saving you money on the HVAC.

Insurance costs are costs that we need to pay no matter what type of structure is put up. But because you are putting up a steel building as opposed to wood or other traditional buildings, you are in line to save a lot of money on your steel building insurance cost. From industry records you should be able to save up to 50% off your insurance costs when you compare a steel building vs traditional construction.

When you compare your steel building vs traditional construction such as a pole barn wood structure, maintenance is a thing of the past with a steel building. A steel building is made to stand the test of time and the material used are rust resistant the paint finishes are high quality sun resistant that come with a 40 year warranty on it. When you compare that steel building vs a wooden structure, you do not have to worry about rotting, sagging, or repainting the building like you do with wood.

Are Steel Building Safe?

Is your steel building strong? Will it stand up to the toughest condition that mother nature has to throw at your steel building? The strength of your steel building, comes from the grade A components used to build your steel structure. We only use 100% American made steel, red iron steel I beam construction is at the center of your steel building. The building is made to withstand Hurricane force winds in excess of 180 miles per hour, as seen in Florida. On the the spectrum of whether, the steel building can also be made to stand massive snow loads in excess of 125 pounds per square feet of snow. The buildings can go North to Canada or Alaska and you can rest assured that your steel building will be safe to inhabit in the harshest conditions.

Another safety mechanism the comes with all steel buildings manufactured by is the rust resistant anchor bolts. The 100% American Made components are made so that they don’t expand or contract in moisture. They are made to take on any climate it is thrown at them. Besides the rust resistant  bolts the building is going to virtually be fore resistant. The steel building components are made to withstand very hot fires and provide the steel building with added safety. You will sleep better knowing that your steel buildings chances of going down in a fire are very low. The steel building will also contain a fire and stop that fire from spreading because the materials the building is made from are fire retardant.

Can I Move or Expand a Steel Building?

The beauty of purchasing a pre-engineered steel building is the flexibility the steel building will offer you. Because of the way the steel building is assembled at our factory and its modular way of being built, the steel building is very easy to expand and and add more square feet to the steel building. to expand your steel building all you have to is remove one end wall and add to that end wall to make your steel building larger as needed.

Lets assume you sold your property or purchased a property elsewhere and you are interested in relocating your steel building. This is possible and a very easy thing to do. Any prefabricated steel building can be dismantled, and relocated.

Other things to consider when looking at Steel Buildings vs Traditional Construction are the environmental effects on the planet and your community. , steel buildings or metal buildings are considered 100% recyclable and green when you compare to other traditional construction methods. Material waste is another consideration, with a steel building your waste is a minimal amount which for a steel building is usually about 1.5% vs wood for lumber. A typical steel building can be made from recycles as compared to about 65 trees for a wooden building that is 2500 square feet.