steel riding area comes with many benefits. Whether for personal use or a professional environment, the addition of a covered/indoor riding area brings benefits for years to come. Here are a few reasons we think you should consider a steel riding area.

Protection from the Elements

​A steel riding area has the distinct advantage of being more protected from the elements. The level of protection depends on the choice between an open-air application or an enclosed, indoor riding area. Either way, horse riders can more easily ride in midday heat or when it is raining. Riding in these conditions is more comfortable for the rider and offers the horse protection as well. These options can be beneficial for riding schools because of the extended riding opportunities they can provide.

Nighttime Riding

​In addition to protection from the elements, steel riding areas provide the opportunity to offer nighttime riding. The solid construction of our structures makes adding electricity to them easy, even in an open-air build. When lighting is added, you have more riding options. In riding schools, this means you can work with students for more hours, increasing aptitude and adding some “bang for your buck”! Enclosed indoor areas offer the option for climate control as well, increasing the benefits we’ve been discussing here in many ways.

​Better Shows

​Hosting or putting on riding shows or performances for students in a training program is improved with a steel riding area. Strategic construction and space formulation will allow you to add bleachers under cover of the structure. This provides for exhibitions to be held in more varied weather conditions. Open-air construction enables the guests to be protected from the elements, and any sun glare is illuminated, making for a better viewing experience. The same benefits are noted in the indoor application by increasing the protection and control of the environment.


​In all honesty, a steel riding area adds to the look and feel of professionalism. As easy and inexpensive as they are to add, many places have still not invested. In professional applications, they can be a differentiating factor.

​The Polar Steel Difference

​Whether for personal use or a professional environment, a steel riding area adds numerous benefits for both horse and rider. Our buildings are easily assembled with help from your dedicated project manager and come with a guarantee that the process and the product are second to none. We offer quick turnaround on delivering your materials and, by putting your needs first, ensure your satisfaction! Give us a shout and let us help you create the perfect riding experience with a steel riding are from Polar Steel Buildings.